Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Top 25 College Football Ranking that isn't absurd

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan (a)
3. USC
4. Florida
5. Arkansas
6. Wisconsin
7. Notre Dame
8. Louisville
9. West Virginia (b)
10. Boise State
11. Texas
12. LSU (c)
13. BYU (d)
14. Boston College
15. Oklahoma
16. Georgia Tech
17. Virginia Tech
18. Rutgers (e)
19. Tennessee
20. Auburn (f)
21. Hawaii
22. California
23. Nebraska
24. Wake Forest
25. TCU
26. (g) Clemson

a. Yes, they lost, but it was a close game on the road to the best team.
b. The Big East is better than many are saying.
c. The last of the relatively easy to place teams.
d. Sure, call me a homer. Then, go look at how they've been playing--and after Arizona has beaten Oregon and Cal as well, that last-second loss doesn't look as bad as it once did. Neither does the overtime BC loss; Boston College is a legitimate contender for the ACC title.
e. Yes, this is a big drop. But they looked really bad today and have only a couple good wins--which teams above them would they really beat most of the time?
f. The most over-rated team right now. I'm not impressed.
g. Okay, so that's 26, not 25. I want to show that I'm thinking of Clemson, but they're just not better than TCU, Wake Forest, or Nebraska. And stick it to The Man for trying to limit my list to an arbitrary number.

Oh, and the national championship game really should be a rematch. I wouldn't be too bothered by USC or Florida, but Arkansas or Notre Dame would be quite the poor pick indeed.


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