Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Major League Baseball. Why I don't like it.

The league is not actually interested in preventing players from using dangerous and illegal performance-enhancing drugs or HGH. Everything they've done thus far to supposedly combat this problem has been slow. I want the game to be pure, but the league loves having fast pitches and home runs. Two things: I want the players to perform well because they are able to combine natural skill with great training, and I don't like to watch that sort of game, anyway. Smallball is a more enjoyable game to watch, with a greater demand on strategy, which is especially important in baseball, a game that is really quite simple for a team sport.

I'd also like ties to occur. I like tied games. There's a certain beauty in recognizing the equality of two combatants; overtime games in most sports are too often ugly; there is a clear winner, and often in dramatic fashion, but too often it is due to mistakes by the losing team rather than greatness by the winners. This is especially evident in long extra-inning baseball games. Of course, that problem is not limited to baseball alone, but is rooted in the American sports psyche, which sees sport as a surrogate struggle for personal supremacy. (Or some such psycho-babble.) Some days, though, there shouldn't be a winner and a loser.


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