Thursday, July 06, 2006

It absolutely, positively got here overnight.

So, this morning, I was cleaning the apartment. Oddly, I was naked. This was because I had intended on taking a shower, but then felt like cleaning the living room and washing dishes, so I started doing that. I didn't really see the point in putting clothes back on again, since I was still planning on that shower. (And, it's summer, so the apartment is warmer than I like it to be, so not wearing clothes was more comfortable.) The doorbell rang. Due to the aforementioned circumstances, I didn't open the door right away. I know that wouldn't stop a German, but it did stop me. Or delay me, at least.

After covering my nakedness, I discovered that the doorbell-ringing individual had departed already, but had left behind a package from NASA. Plenty of paperwork stuff; mostly signing papers that I only read in a cursory manner, signed, then felt self-concious and actually read. Fortunately, I have not promised to sign over any of my future children to my employer. That's good. However, I am left wondering if I actually returned the selective service (draft) card I filled out all those years ago. I'm pretty sure I did, but I don't recall mailing it. I bet I did--I should be impressed that I even remember filling it out at all.

Then, I finished the cleaning (now clothed) and took that shower. Like many showers, it was great. Does anyone else like washing their hair as much as I do?


At 2:29 AM, July 31, 2006, Blogger Thirdmango said...

So then as your sentence structure would suggest you were then showering with clothes on. How does that work for you? I hear it's soggy but still can be refreshing.


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