Thursday, July 13, 2006

While I was writing that last post...

A young woman called me. A friend of mine. We'd gone on a couple dates, but not serious--the dates were three weeks apart, and a couple months ago. At the end of the last one, she dropped the "just friends" line. It was awkward and somewhat unpleasant, (after all, who enjoys rejection by attractive people?) but I figured that she's a smart and perceptive woman; if she didn't think it would be best to date each other, I trusted her judgement.

Since then, we've talked a couple times, but haven't seen each other in person. So today's call was out-of-the-blue, while she was at work. I vaguely wondered why she was calling. (She's on my IM list, so if she just wanted to congratulate me on the NASA job, it was possible to have done so already.) We talk for a while, catching up, when she mentions that we should "go out and celebrate sometime." To me, this sounds like kind-of-shy-girl code for "you should ask me out again." However, since she didn't explicitly mention the potential event as a date, it was difficult to mention I was currently seeing Someone. Oy Vey.


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