Thursday, June 29, 2006

The NBA Draft. Is there any event more overrated?

Of course, the answer is a clear "yes." The NFL draft is far worse: more time per pick, fewer guys you've heard of, more rounds. I can't understand how anyone can watch that one. The NBA draft ain't bad. At least, not the first round, anyway. (Which is well over half of the broadcast time, unlike the NFL draft.)

Anyhow, here's my main thought: what the heck is wrong with some of these teams? The point of trading up to the #2 spot was to get Adam Morrison. If Portland didn't want him, they shouldn't have made the deal. Aldrige is a great player, the pick wasn't a bad one. However, he still would have been available two spots later.

That was the most interesting thing about the draft. The top seven guys were all pretty comparable. It was probably unwise to pick Bargnani first, but he's not clearly worse than any of the guys picked after him--the biggest problem is that he's the wrong guy for Toronto's team to add. What were they thinking?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yeah. So here I am, in case you were wondering.

So I decided to start posting a blog. Mostly because I'm likely to move very far away very soon. (To Houston, if the NASA thing works out.) How much self-disclosure actually occurs here remains to be determined; I like to keep things close to the vest whenever possible.

Everyone should be cheering for Ukraine. If you need that to be explained, let me know.